Gordon & The Bees Edit

It was spring on Sodor and all the engines took flowers to the markets.This year,passengers often went to the nice countryside around the main line and take photos.One morning,The Vicar was inspecting the beehives."Oh my!" "What?" asked Trevor."We need new beehives,look." The beehives were rusty and loose and were about to fall apart."Come on,boy." And they went to Knapford Station.He told the stationmaster what happened and he knocked on the office door."Come in." Said the Fat Controller,who was having coffee & a doughnut."Excuse me,sir,the Vicar wants a word with you." "Ok,let me get Gordon."

Meanwhile,Gordon had just come back to the sheds."No more jobs for the day,nice to have a rest." Just then,the Fat Controller arrived. "Gordon,I need you to take some new beehives from Tidmouth to the the Vicar's Yard,they will be collected on some flatbeds,so you hopefully won't complain." Gordon was keen enough to take the train because they would be as shiny as himself. "Yes,sir!" And Gordon went to the yard to fetch the flatbeds.He soon arrived at Tidmouth Yards where Percy was shunting his train.Gordon looked happy so Percy got confused.He was just about to say something when Gordon puffed to Tidmouth."Bother,he is just too quick."

Gordon arrived at Tidmouth in excellent timing.Some workmen were there to load the new beehives on carts onto the train.A porter was having trouble taking one of the old beehives to Elsbridge by cart.No one knew that the old beehive was filled with bees but the cap was closed luckily,but then,there was trouble.The cart ran into a wheel and tipped over and the cap banged open.The bees flew out as fast as a toy car and flew round Gordon's boiler.The bees were too cold to be cross and landed on Gordon's boiler to warm up.Luckily,the bees noticed their new homes and zoomed inside and the workmen closed the cap just in time."What a day!" Gordon said,and puffed away.

Gordon switched onto Edward's Branchline as The Vicar's Yard was outside Wellsworth. The Vicar was anxious to see Gordon as he arrived.More workmen were there to unload the beehives."Well done,Gordon." The new beehives had air vents & windows so the bees could only relax.Gordon took the old beehives to the Lumber Yard in Maron to be broken up and re used.Nowadays,Gordon is careful of bees incase they would have stung his nose like James had all those years ago.


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