Henry & The Trucks Part 1 Edit

It was a busy day at Ffarquhar Quarry and Mavis & Toby were working hard.Mavis shunted trucks and filled them with stone & Toby took the arranged trucks to Brendam Docks for the Mainland.Mavis was just shunting when she heard a splutter and a bang from her engine.She stopped altogether,dust was everywhere and she couldn't move her wheels not even one."Bother,I have broken down,what's the problem,driver?" "Your brakes have jammed hard on because of all the dust,causing your engine to overheat."Now,Toby had to shunt the trucks,fill them up AND take the trucks away.

He quickly felt tired,so this got to the Fat Controller's attention.The only engine available was Henry,who was at Knapford Sheds.He had no jobs to do,so he wanted to see how the others were getting on.Just then,the Fat Controller arrived."Ah,Henry,i have a job for you,Mavis has broken down,so you must take trucks to and from Brendam & Ffarquar Quarry."Yes,sir" and with that,Henry went to the end of Thomas' Branch Line.

He soon arrived at the quarry where Toby & Thomas were waiting.But that's another story.


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